Uncovering the story of the False Positives

Over the last seven years Carlos Saavedra, photographer, and Sebastián Ramírez, anthropologist,have worked with the Mothers of the False Positives of Soacha and Bogotá (MAFAPO) to memorialize the victims of the extrajudicial killings perpetrated by the Colombian army. The so-called False Positives were those who the Colombian armed forces kidnapped, executed and disguised as guerrilla fighters to create a fictitious war record. Officially, there have been 6,402 False Positives in Colombia. 

Saavedra, Ramírez, and MAFAPO collected the stories of the first women who reported the disappearances of their family members: they conducted interviews, took portraits, and collected their personal archives. 

Madres TERRA is a transmedia project that collects these materials in two parts. 

The photobook Madres Terra, designed by Santiago Escobar Jaramillo (Raya Editorial), presents the portraits together with the memories and the voices of the Mothers of the False Positives, in a format that invites the reader’s active participation. 

The book is accompanied by a webpage that will include the history of the False Positives, audio recordings of the mothers, and their archives. 

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